Friday, January 22, 2010

Veer 2010 Hindi Movie Download

Status Post Production
Release Date 22/01/2010
Direction Anil Sharma
Production Eros International, Vijay Jalani
Musical Score
Scripting Salman Khan
Budget Rs 75
Genre Period
Story Veer is a period film with an epic feel. It's set in 1880. Not historic but the plot will talk of the old Hindustani culture. Salman Khan is in a warrior makeover. Mithun plays his father. Jackie Shroff plays the villain in the film.
Notes During the filming of one of the scenes of a train robbery sequence in Rajasthan, Bunny Anand and Vicky Mehra were riding their respective horses and Salman was balancing himself keeping one leg each on the two horses. They were followed by many more horse riders with a train fast approaching to their left. Bunny lost his balance and was about to fall off the horse he was riding but Salman's quick thinking and good physical fitness saved his life as Salman pulled him up by his collar while in a tricky position himself. If Vicky had fallen off not only he himself but even Salman would have got seriously injured. But it all ended well with Salman earning praises of Vicky and the entire cast and crew of the film. (Nov 21)

Reports of the film being stalled are obviously not true since recently a dance number picturized on Lisa Lazarus, Miss Universe UK 2008, was recorded in the Film City studios. (Dec 9)

Its been reported in the media that Veer is stalled due to the bad market conditions. (Nov 13)

Makers of Salman Khan starrer Veer have been offered bank busting Rs 150 crore for the film which is still under production, but they are playing it cool because the price is likely to go even higher! (Aug 28)

Salman Khan recently filmed a song and dance sequence for the film that cost the film makers a whopping Rs 3.5 crore, making it the most expensive song ever filmed. The song ‘Taali mar’ is written by Gulzar, composed by Sajid-Wajid and sung by Sonu Nigam, Sukhvinder Singh and Wajid. Apart from Salman, Mithun and Sohail are also part of the song. It featured close to 650-700 junior artists, most of them in a Pathani makeover! It took around 11 days to complete the song shoot. (Aug 27)

A Katrina Kaif look-alike is the lead actress in the film. Her name has not been revealed to the media yet.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in August for release next summer. Salman Khan is reportedly promoting Katrina Kaif's 17-year-old sister Isabel for a lead role in the film. Priyanka Chopra is also interested in playing lead.

Salman Khan is on the lookout for a new face to play lead in the film. At one point, it was reported that Priyanka maybe offered the lead.

The film is budgeted at Rs 75 crore. Salman is reportedly charging Rs 25 crore for the film.

The story of the film was written by Salman Khan over a few years.


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